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    Default Annual winterhike in the Ardennes

    Plan: 17-02-2012 - 19-02-2012
    Actual trip 17-02-2012 - 18-02-2012 just raining all the time

    All military and former military friends (me on the far end left)

    My home for one night


    Wild bore visiting our camp

    The camp site (illegal to stay just in the woods)

    Because of only rain and rain predictions we went back home

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    Default Re: Annual winterhike in the Ardennes

    I wish you could do something to get your pictures back on the site, I would enjoy seeing them. We went to the Ardennes a few times, and camped there in my brother in laws camper. My son and brother in law enjoyed mountain biking there. But I don't think there are any jeep trails in the Ardennes are there?

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