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    I read morons instead of Mormons. If Mitt is elected president it will be worse than when they would report about Ronald Regan and his AIDS!

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    Mitt is a nitt wit, his idea of removing all limits on campaign contibutions only shows just how easy he is to be bought and paid for. I have heard nothing from him that would make me want to cast my vote to put him in office. As the wise Buggs would say about him.. What a marron!! His idea of raising taxes on the poor and giving the wealthy more tax breaks just sinks that morron idea home like a double bladed AXE. He is not for saving the country, only in saving the rich. I heard some one today speaking about how he would get the economy going again... really? when I see 100 homes go into forclosure every day of every week just how will this hoser manage to get the economy going in the right direction? by taking the working man and woman's pay check? Letting gasoline keep going higher at the pumps? putting more dollars in the fat cat wallets? not one thing he is touting will work except to keep the status quoe where it is now. Not that the democrats can do any better. There is a problem with politicans that think politics is a profession and both parties are showing their true colors now.
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