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    Default Project: "Rigor Mortis"

    Hello all,

    I thought I would start a thread detailing my new project. First a little back ground. I had my first XJ given to me, a 92 limited and started building it up and wheeling it, well it was pretty much rusted right out so I bought a 95 named Ginger, swapped all the leather and entire interior over and continued wheeling. well after a few trips following some of my friends with much bigger rigs Ginger was getting really worn out. So I started buying parts for a new build on a 2 door that I bought from Jenssen. Well this quickly got out of hand so here are the details:

    body: 92 2 door laredo, I am a bigger guy @ 6'2" so I wanted a 2 door as it is much easier to get into than the 4 door. Here is Mortis on the day I brought him home parked beside Ginger.

    I happened to get a great deal on a 4.6 short block and I already had ordered a full Borla 2" stainless steel exhaust system, so now all I have to do is order a Hesco aluminum head and I have a great power plant for my build!

    I did not like the OBD1 wiring in Mortis so I bought a 96 to steal the wiring harness from, also this will be a better system to run the stroker off of. also did not like the stock gas tank as after wheeling for 2 years it has been crushed and I could only fill it 3/4 full, so I ordered a Genright enduring tank.

    Now I have been drooling over a clayton lift kit ever since I got an XJ so naturally I had to have one! I ended up ordering the pro series 6.5" 3-link front with 4-link rear coil conversion. It was just so sexy.

    For boots I have chosen 33"x13.5x15" toyo open countries, I know lots of people that run them and they wear extreamly well. Heavy though! 1 toyo without the rim weighs more than 1 of my 31" dick cepek mud countries with the rim! I have decided to wrap the toyo's around a set of walker evens bead locks and they should be arriving before X-mas.

    yes that is a pic of the tires in my living room! where else would you keep them?

    lets see what else is going to be happening with mortis? oh ya! just ordered slightly over a grand in led lighting that will be attached via a custom light bar, have the old front winch bumper and rear winch bumper from ginger. I have to finish building the rear swing out, install all the power windows and locks, headlight loom upgrade, stereo install and a ton of other goodies that are going into mortis.

    I will keep updating this post as I continue to finish. Please feel free to ask me questions about my build, or ask me to post up any pics that you would like to see.
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