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    Default Used CSF 2671 3 row all metal cooper/brass radiator

    I just replaced my CSF 3 row all metal radiator. I originally purchased this radiator (about 3 years ago) to resolve my heat creep issue on the highway. This, along with other mods, helped but didn't cure the problem.

    Recently I have gone back to a "factory" style radiator which is working better for me.

    If you were thinking about getting a 3 row all metal, or replacing the one you already have, this is a great deal.

    Radiator Barn has this CSF heavy duty 3 row all metal radiator listed for 197.

    I'll sell this one for 100. Actual shipping cost paid by you. Local pick up would be real deal.

    I paid 20 to have my new radiator shipped to me, so you can figure it would be at least that much, depending on where you live.

    You can save a little time by seeing how much shipping would be to you if it was shipped from 77449.

    I'll be putting this radiator up on craigslist in the next few days.

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    Default Re: Used CSF 2671 3 row all metal cooper/brass radiator

    Good Luck Muddy.
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    Default Re: Used CSF 2671 3 row all metal cooper/brass radiator

    I would like to have the radiator, don't know when I could meet to pick it up.

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