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    Ok I was browsing youtube for classical music and found these 3 tenors... then I found this song and fell in love...

    I post it in the religious because it is a religious song, Jewish and I have listened to it 200 times already.
    Found a translation and thought it makes a great prayer song to listen to
    [ame=""]Adon Olam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    So i share with you guys.
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    Default Re: Adon olam

    I really like the style of much of their music. Very stirring. I would like to hear it in English. I listened to more of their music, really cool stuff
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    That is very moving. Can imagine them as cantors in synagage. It would be great to hear them sing in english or at least have subtitles though. guess I should start learning hebrew.
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