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    Default Re: Control arm question

    the answer to that question is application specific.
    Daily driver low lift: poly on both ends
    Daily driver tall lift: poly is ok but recommend johnny joint at frame or new rubber joint arms

    Off road use often: Definitely use JJ or rubber joints to absorb bind and flex for longest lasting product. Our poly bushings do tend to last a few years though. The relief of the johnny joint or the rubber creates less stress on the weak dana 30 parts when in severe articulation.

    Limit straps are always a good idea for really flexy rigs. You dont want your shocks topping out or your control arms smashing up your brackets.

    Hope this helps
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    Default Re: Control arm question

    It does help, a great deal.

    If I have to pull this axle to cut and repair the rust damage on the shock bracket, I am going to replace the arms, re-gear, and add a selectable locker while it's out.

    Then wheel, break, repeat......but not so much if I do this right once.
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