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    Default 90 Renix bad idling issues

    I recently bought a 90 model cherokee renix laredo with 150k miles. everything is fine except for the idle. when it first starts it runs fine at around 7-800 rpms then after about 3 minutes of warming up it goes up from there, it'll jump to 1000 then all the way to 1800 then back to 1500 fluctuating, then after it reaches operating temp it wont leave about 1700 rpms, it sucks driving down the road trying to stop the thing. i've replaced the tps and the IAC. The Tps cured my shifting problem, wouldn't shift out of first gear unless i took the fuse out and shifted manually. What else should i be looking at?

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    Default Re: 90 Renix bad idling issues

    Vaccum leak?, grab a can of starting fluid, mist the intake area, section by section.....if it rev's, track down the leak....for 3 bucks, you can atleast rule this out.

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    Default Re: 90 Renix bad idling issues

    Had the same issue with my 90 tried everything to fix except the one thing that did not cost me any money i tightened my intake bolts fixed it been running great for the last 2 years

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