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    Default Wiring for replacement switches

    Does anyone know where I can find some wiring diagrams for the rear defrost and rear wiper switches on a 99 XJ? I havn't been able to find anything specific to them online. I have a couple switches from olympic that I want to use but am not sure what each wire does. I'm thinking I may have to take it to an electrician to wire them up.

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    Default Re: Wiring for replacement switches

    If you want the really good wiring diagrams go to your public library and check the motors manuals. My library even has an automotive electrical section with some great books. But basically, there is an unswitched hot that goes to the wiper motor. The one from the switch goes to a relay that is hot to terminal 30 at all times. The dash switch works the relay coil only. The relay controls park. The rest of the cycle is hot at all times so it will automatically cycle back to park. So as far as the wiper switch is concerned, one is hot to the center, one side goes to the washer pump and timer and the other goes to the wiper itself. You have to have a two position rocker with center off for this.

    Rear defrost has a timer included. It is best to use the OEM switch so you have the timer.
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