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    Default Tire Size and Lift Height

    This is a chart with recommended tire size to lift height.

    There are many opinions. Especially when companies want to sell you a lift kit.
    Most of the lift kits have tire size suggestions. They are fine if you plan to Mall Crawl.

    I have my own recommendations I have derived from years of research into lift heights and tire size. I have read many an article, studied and dreamed about almost every lift kit in production while imagining that kit being installed on my XJ. I have studied hoards of photos of XJs with different lift kits and tire sizes. And, certainly I have personally been around enough XJs and talked to many owners to squeeze what ever information I could get them to talk about their build. I can talk about XJs all day long. I am obsessed, I know.

    I have posted some of this before and here it is put together and edited with a touch more added.

    At 3" of lift, most kits are pretty complete with some exceptions. Some do not have Shocks included, some without Control Arms, and some without both. Any lift 3"s and taller should also have Extended Brake Lines installed, an Adjustable Track Bar and a Drop Pitman Arm.

    Any lift 3.5"s to 5"s or so may get away without having to install an SYE and Drive Shaft by using a Transfer Case Drop Kit. However, if vibration occurs, then an SYE and Drive Shaft are a must.

    Any Short Arm Kit over 4.5 may be a little Rough Riding. Over 4.5, it is better to go with a Long Arm Kit. Anything over 6.5, you may have plenty of Front End Steering Problems and other Complications and may need to install a Steering Conversion Kit. There are a lot of differences between Lift Sizes and what comes with those kits.

    5.5" and taller Short Arm Lift Kits should use Control Arm Drop Brackets for a better ride and articulation.

    "Go as High as you can Afford. Tire Size can follow. Upgrading Tires is easier and cheaper than Upgrading a Lift and it's install costs."

    If you plan to run 33s... go 4.5 with a lot of cutting of the fenders.

    If you plan to run 33s... go 5.5 or 6.5 with NO cutting of the fenders.

    If your going to run 31s or 32s then 4.5 is fine.

    If your going to run 28s - 30s then 3" is fine.

    This is just my opinion. There are as many opinions as there are stars.

    It really all depends on how your Jeep sits and what Lift Kit you get. Some lift kits like those from Rubicon Express actually lifts you higher than advertised lift height; other kits lower and others right on the mark. It all depends on who you buy from and what lift kit you buy.
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