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    Default Re: Fuel pump replacement.

    I just replaced my fuel pump assembly with a O.E.M unit from the local dealership.Price was 358.02 for the O.E unit!Problem was I replaced it a year ago with a aftermarket assembly,big mistake with big problems.The guage didn't read correctly and when I turned a corner when the tank was low it spitted&sputtered!Also it was hard to start,it did that when the warranty was up,what a P.O.S!!!Just to add this last thing,when I pulled the old pump out, the sock-pickup was laying in the bottom of the tank.Hard lesson learned,never use after-market parts on your Xj,"fuel pump"!!!

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    Default Re: Fuel pump replacement.

    i have used chinese(they all are) fuel pumps several times with no problems.
    depends on the factory.
    255lph is the staple for upgraded fuel pumps for motors under 300ci

    heres one from ebay. works like a charm.

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