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    Arrow Please update your profile.

    Some of you newbies might not know about the profile information you can fill out. There is personal information like first name, but what we're more concerned with is your rig information. Anytime you make a post your rig information is available to the reader. That way if you are asking a question but neglect to include information on what year XJ, axle, engine, etc... the reader can simply click the drop down next to your name and quickly SEE all that information, but only if you fill it out ahead of time.

    We have added a new field, TIRE SIZE!

    Just go to this and view, update, fill in your information.

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    Default Re: Please update your profile.

    Done, Thanks Mudd.
    Hey bubba get your hand off my ass,

    Some days it is just not worth it to gnaw through the leather restraints.

    R.I.P. Brian 96_XJ Perrine 1990-2011

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