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    Default Use your Jeep to fight the virus

    Good news Jeepers, you can use your Jeep to keep you healthy. *This is no organized effort. *It will be personal on your part. *Blue Elderberry, Sambucus nigra is a wild plant available in many areas in the west. *Here is the official description: *Blue Elderberry, Mexican Elderberry, or Tapiro is a deciduous shrub or small tree, growing up to as tall as 30 feet. It is native from Washinton to Baja all the way to western Texas. It has cream or yellow flowers in the spring and purple berries in the fall. Its berries are one of the most important source of food for birds in California.*Blue Elderberry is tough, easy to grow, and grows very rapidly. It can grow from a 1 gallon container to a 15 foot tree in 3 years if happy. It handles a variety of different soil moisture levels once established. It can handle permanently moist soil near stream sides or seeps, and will thrive next to or in regularly irrigated areas. Once established, it also grows well in fairly dry soils, though in drier conditions it will normally go deciduous or semi-deciduous in the summer and fall, and green up in the early winter. *It grows wild anyplace that remains undisturbed. *I even have one on my rural property. *You have to het the juice to make it*completely*healthy. *So what we do is use a steam juicer to extract the juice which heats in anyway and then can it in mason jars. *You can obtain a lot of berries easily. *I can get enough, about a small garbage can full in just a couple of hours locally and made about five gallons of juice. *Many companies sell the extract for viral immunity in pill form. *Use the juice, though not very sweet straight, or make a syrup with it or any other way you might use fruit juice
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    230 hp 4.3L Chevy
    Built 4L60E with manual lockout
    Atlas 4 speed
    Griffin radiator
    On board air
    Warn 9.5ti on custom bumper
    7.5" RE front and bastard pack rear on custom long arms
    30 gal gas tank
    And a bunch of other stuff

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