Well, I had the new 00 Sport one week, and a you f lady turned in front of me. No word from the other drivers insurance, whose fault it was. I understand that carriers are VERY quick to total XJs. I want it fixed. If not, I want enough to replace it with an equally exceptionally clean one, and perhaps the opportunity to buy back the wrecked one.

What do look for to determine if the damage is too bad to fix? Is it common to hire my own adjuster to assess the damage and determine if it can be fixed on not?

I was traveling 35mph in the outside lane of a 4 lane with a center turn lane. Someone have her a gap for her left turn. The shot the gap without looking, and I tore the front of her 18 Accord off. No chance to break. No airbag deployment. Vehicle kept running and was able to be eased up onto the curb, but the wheel could not turn in all directions because of wheel well rub. Both wheels appeared to be pointing the same direction. There is a small dent in the rim, and a small piece of plastic from her car wedges between the tire and rim.