In July I was invited to a small off road event, in Big Bear California one of 5 guests. It was put on by Nexen Tires ( The idea was to show off the Nexen Roadian MTX to some people with a Internet footprint. I was there due to the Jeep Talk Show.

We took 4 Jeeps, one was Don Alexander's personal JKU, a JKU rental, a JK rental, and a TJ rental, all on 37" Nexen Roadian MTX tires. I selected the TJ. The TJ was on Rockjock 60's, antirock sway bars front and rear, ARB locked front and rear. There was literally no where I couldn't go and no where I felt unsafe. It was a lot like driving in Houston rush hour traffic, you know when you accidentally drive over a Prius or two.

I have no experience on rocks, well boulders, like the ones on the John Bull trail. The TJ handled it easily. The others had much more rock crawling experience than I and they were all amazed at how well the Nexen Roadian MTX's handled the trails.

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Initially I was promised a free set of Roadian's for my Jeep but I ran out of time before this off road event Oct 25-27. My KM2s needed to be replaced, and this was an excellent opportunity to see how well these Roadians worked on my Jeep.

So last Thursday I ordered a set of 5 33x12.5x15 online and had them shipped to a local tire store. It was less than 24 hours to have them shipped free to the store. 999.95, 86 in taxes plus 125 to install. Yeah 125, NTB aholes.

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At least on road these tires have really impressed me. Quite for a mud terrain and very easy and smooth to drive on. All tires are smooth when you first get them right? Well I don't recall this much of a difference when I got my KM's or KM2's. So far very impressed and very happy.