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    Default Need help with ‘98 XJ engine swap into ‘99

    I need professional help..........on this engine swap.
    I have heard so many different takes on this that it’s just getting frustrating.
    Can someone please tell me for sure specifically without doubt what has to be done in order to take a rebuilt 4.0 engine, transmission, transfer case out of a rusted ‘98 XJ Cherokee and put it all in a ‘99 Grand Cherokee Laredo which currently has no engine or transmission in it. Any an all responses an recommendations are very much appreciated. At this point, I just want it at least to run and the 4 wheel drive to work in the ‘ 99 when I do the swap

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    Default Re: Need help with ‘98 XJ engine swap into ‘99

    The WJ 4.0 does not have the same motor mount holes in the side as the XJ. Also, you are going to run into problems with accessories. The WJ intake is different and so the power accessory brackets. Assuming you get past the motor mount issue, you would have to change the intake and use the old brackets. Also the alternator is larger, so use that bracket too. All sensors must be used from the WJ. The computer will not swap from the XJ, different language, so you have to use the old ECM too. The XJ uses an AW4 tranny and the Wj uses a 42RE and again, the electronics will not swap. This really is not practical.
    find yourself a wrecked
    WJ and go from there
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