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I remember seeing your rig with the mood lighting on! These days, with RGB lighting, you can have it all! Red for V day, green for St. Patty's, purple for Prince's birthday (it's coming up, June 7th!) you get the idea.... I also worry about throwing mud and rocks at them, but if yours are going on 9 years, sounds like they would work.

Still can't decide if this is a good idea or not... for the price, I could order a roll and experiment with them.

seriously, thanks for posting that up, had no idea the stock adhesive would hold up that well....
Technology is great isn't it! Never before could you celebrate Prince's birthday so fabulously by glowing your undercarriage for all to see in waves of illumescent pride!

I do question if the adhesive is the same on the rolls but the surface you're applying it to would matter as well. I applied it to the inside of the flares, a smooth plastic, but something rough or not perfectly smooth even I doubt it would have as good of results.

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