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I recently installed some adjustable shackles from Beefy and well build as you would imagine.

I adjusted them as low as they would go, driver a little longer due to a driver's side lean.

Overall I achieved a 2.875" increase driver's and a 2.25" increase passenger.

Total height 34.25" and 34.00" as measured from the ground to the top of the rear bumper.

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Maybe I need time to get used to not dragging a, but this seem a little to high in the rear now, not much maybe an inch, or inch and a half.

I'm would love to install the ACOS adjustable coil spring spacers, but at 275 I'm thinking about 1.75" coil spring spacers.

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Anyone have any negative experience with either?

I could move the top of the adjustable shackle forward a hole to lower the rear a bit, but frankly I like the space and the ride is very nice on the highway.