I found yall from a youtube vid

My jeep adventure starts with a 94 Xj named Eugene.
I have known this rig since it was new and used to park across the street from my dad's place.
I gal named Anna Banana ( I am not kidding ) bought it new
Latter she gave it to her friend Kat who I mow for...when Anna passed, she left Kat her 2012 ford!
I asked what she was gonna do with her jeep?
She said do you want it? I said yea you bet!!!! (She got 6 months of mowing for free.)
Neither one took it offroad and kat didn't take it out of the city limits. ( She didn't know it was a 5 speed. )

I live in Spokane, one of the best places in the world. ( Trails all over the place. )
I have had a few toyota 4X4s an 89, 88, 87 and a 84 all pick ups.
This is my first jeep and after a year and a half I love it.
A transgression that could get me kicked out of my GM \ Toyota family
I can see why there is such a following for theses rigs

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After I cleaned inside and out vacuumed, waxed and painted the wheels
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I needed a shift knob so
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I introduce the Death Twinkie shifter

I ripped my bumper off ( don't ask )
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I fabbed some mounts and hung a 2X6 on it. well gives me a place to put my plate

Well, that is my tale and I am sitting on it.