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    Default Project Overkill XJ

    Here are my thoughts and ideas for my build. I would like to build this jeep into a rig that’s fairly reliable, useful and fun. I want to use it for a daily driver, to pull a small trailer (snowmobile, ATV, boat and stuff) and to go hunting and/or fishing.

    I don't like to waste time or money and I like to do things right the first time (although, I find that doesn't always happen in real life). Now the money thing. Being retired, I guess you could say I have a fixed income. That's why I don't like wasting it and that's why I like to reuse things where I can. Also I have to hire a lot of things done that I would've been able to do myself because of my disability. I can still do some stuff, just not heavy stuff.

    First thing is to make it so I can reuse the tires (265/75/16) from my K2500 Chev pickup that is now a parts doner for my other truck (K3500 dually) and motorhome, that have the same diesel engines. To do this I would like a 3-4 inch lift. I already bought new wheels to fit with a 4.5 BS. I had them mounted and balanced this week.

    I also noticed some noise coming from the rear axel, so I'm replacing it the a Ford 8.8. My thoughts on that were that it would give me disc brakes all around, have lots of options and be heavy duty.

    As far as the lift goes. I haven't decided yet on what brand of kit to get, but it will be complete with shocks, springs, control arms and bushings.

    I guessing I'll need at least one new driveshaft. I will need new brakes all around. Eventually I want to put on some retractable running boards to make it easier to get in and out of it once it's lifted.

    Here's a photo of the rear axel I got yesterday and one of the tire/new wheel standing next to my XJ.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails jeep wheel.jpg   jeep rear end.jpg  

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