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    Talking Not new but have been MIA making my way back.

    Howdy from Salt lake everyone . I have had several things in my life change over the past few years which caused me to disappear from xjtalk. but now things are getting back on track slowly so i hope to be more active on here and on fixing things on my Xj.
    The things that are on my to do list for my Xj are as follows
    1) get her registered because she has been sitting for two years not being driven.
    2) upgrade to a dodge durango steering box (because mine is at its limit and about to bust )
    3) upgrade my gear ratio
    4) replace head gasket
    5) upgrade lights and do a little light body and paint work.

    Hopefully i can bug a few of you for advice. feel free to sent me a message and i will be more than happy to chat. Talk to you all soon.

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    Default Re: Not new but have been MIA making my way back.

    Welcome back to our addiction
    230 hp 4.3L Chevy
    Built 4L60E with manual lockout
    Atlas 4 speed
    Griffin radiator
    On board air
    Warn 9.5ti on custom bumper
    7.5" RE front and bastard pack rear on custom long arms
    30 gal gas tank
    And a bunch of other stuff

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