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    Default Project Old Yeller

    I would like to introduce "Old Yeller" AKA "Helga Hufflepuff" as my wife calls it. We went out to dinner Saturday night and met up with my good friend and his wife and daughter, and made it official! He also included a color coded 3 ring binder with everything in it, the stock stereo and speakers, and a box full of spare sensors, gears, diff covers etc.....

    So here she is, along with the details on it, (as much as I know so far anyways...)

    2001 Jeep Xj in Solar Yellow
    Hasnt seen a winter in 9 years
    One owner
    152K miles
    5.5" Rustys lift
    Tom woods driveshafts front and rear (With a spare TW driveshaft)
    Front and rear armored bumpers
    HD steering with spare steering parts
    Quick disconnects
    Gas tank/trans/t-case skid plates
    Rock sliders
    All new AC system and heater core, water pump etc...
    CB with magnetic roof antenna
    New door hinges
    Front and rear extended bumpstops

    6.5" Infinity Kappa Perfect component speakers all around
    Alpine stereo with Imprint module (uses laptop and an external mic to tune the sound)
    Alpine PDX-V9 5-channel amplifier (100x4, and 500x1) with auxilary fan
    JL 10W6 10" subwoofer in a stealthbox

    The first order of business will be new tires this week, and possibly new black wheels. The tires on it are coming up on 10 years old, and its got a decent wobble at 50. I rotated the tires yesterday, and it went away, so im confident that its a bad tire, and it has a pretty decent tire pull as well. Im just debating on keeping the current wheels, or going with black... Either way, im super excited about this thing, and being able to use it as a wheeler, and also as a driver once in a while. Its a relief to not have any engine knock (normal or not), and to know how well its been taken care of since day 1.

    Anyways, on to the pictures

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