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    Default Moving Axle Forward

    Now that the new transfer case has been delivered, I need to start thinking about drive shafts. I have to put the TC in and then measure for both front and rear drive shafts.

    This would be the perfect time to move the front drive shaft forward and gain a little more clearance between the tire and the rear wheel well. My question is how far can I go?

    I know it depends on the adjustable control arms but are there any other factors I'm not considering?

    I need to sit next to to front tire and measure to be precise but I think an inch further would be just about centered.

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    Default Re: Moving Axle Forward

    Yes there is. You cannot go so far forward that your sway bar will be playing a tune on your coil spring. The place to start is to remove the coil and compress the suspension and see if the bump stop is in the center of the spring plate. Having long arms will give the illusion of moving the axle forward because the axle will not move so far back when it travels down
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    Default Re: Moving Axle Forward

    you've got an inch or so you can move it without relocating track bar, steering box, etc. gets complicated pretty quick.
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    Default Re: Moving Axle Forward

    hmmm I need to have a closer look.

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