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    Default The Outer Banks Adventure

    Sadly, I am still sifting through the over 3K pictures we took during our trip, and I was hoping to present it in an organized fashion. That may take awhile.

    I had last been to the Outer Banks as a pre-teen, and it was a place my wife had mentioned often as on her "bucket list". So I bought some gear, prepped the Explorer, and off we went.

    We stayed our first night in Nags Head, getting there very late, due to the hands of fate trying to interrupt the trip. But we made it. Our first destination was the "4x4 Beach" I had heard so much about, and I remember my Dad being frustrated during one of the trips there as a kid that we were not in his mildly built '78 F-150 XLT.

    This video is not mine, and it's sped up, but it kinda gives you the idea that you have to GO to get to the 4x4 beach.

    Anyway, still going through the pics, but here are a couple of pics taken by my less-than stellar phone at Hatteras and Ocracoke Island, out near their "points".
    In the first pic, if you look carefully over the passenger side mirror, you can make out the Hatteras lighthouse.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If real life stays calm, I'll write up more and post more pics. It was great trip, and a good time of year to go.
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    Default Re: The Outer Banks Adventure

    I drove out to the outer Banks this summer. I was there for fourth of July. Totally missed the 4 by 4 beach . Hope it was fun
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