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    Default Thought Experiment, all coil XJ

    If you haven't seen Andy's front and rear long arm setup, am I even saying that right, it's damn sexy.

    Now he has a version that is long arm front and leaf rear, but damn it would be neat to have coils front and rear and all that articulation. I know the speed bumps are getting bigger at the mall...

    What are the downsides of all coil for an XJ daily driver? I mean the TJ is that way, the Grands, at least the older ones.

    Would it make sense to keep the C 8.25 and D30 after spending so much money and time changing the C8.25 to coil?

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    Default Thought Experiment, all coil XJ

    There are no downsides tony, Mort is my daily and all coil is great! The ride is fantastic and even at 5000lbs cornering is awesome. The only real downside to all coil comes when fully loaded or pulling a trailer, leafs can handle more weight than coils.

    As for axles, I run a d30/d44. No issues with them and the c8.25 would be just as good.

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    Default Re: Thought Experiment, all coil XJ

    No downsides, in fact properly set up it would be much better than the average lifted XJ. Many kits have stiff rear springs. Easy to see in the flex pics where the front end is bottomed out and the rear has barely moved. I am going towards rear coils, and I have very flexy rear springs. Coils just ride much smoother
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