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    Quote Originally Posted by myraus1965 View Post
    Well console is out, along with the carpet. It was soaked on the passenger side but the floor is still solid. I have some repairing to do to the driver's side though. Had some fairly big holes from rust so now I need to get a piece of sheet metal and form it, or look into a replacement floor pan.

    As to the windshield, whoever was the putz who replaced it put a minimum of sealer on the passenger side up the A-pillar. That's where it was seeping thru. Thankfully, once the floor is repaired and the carpet re-installed I'll be taking it to get a new windshield put in.
    eBay, get a set of floorpans for 80 bucks

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    Default Re: Newbie problem wet floor

    I got my windshield replaced and it solved my leak problems.

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