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Nothing like a little warmth in the shop. I used to live where it got cold and hot. I had a heat pump in mine I got for free. A guy has to have a nice work environment
Hell, I just want a garage to store my tools and be able to actually access and use them... even more so if it's big enough for me to get a vehicle inside and work on... At this point, I don't care if it's heated/cooled or not... LOL But would like for it to be climate controlled if I had the choice!!

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Well with the help of my father in law and brother in law (Or I should say I helped them, lol) we did some damage last weekend. Got the lines ran to the shop, got one of the 2 big trees down, and demo'd the front patio to get it ready for some crushed concrete. Next on the list is getting the power and water actually hooked up in the shop, and then taking down the other huge tree in the front yard. Then we can go on to the new patio for the fire pit, and another 18ton load delivery of crushed concrete.

Oh and i got my deer back!!

House looks like it's coming along very nice.... Can't wait to get a place of my own to start making ours... wish I had the folks close by that could help with stuff like this... instead I'll be trying to take on what I can... and as funds allow, pay someone to do the rest...