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    Something in the media coverage doesn't feel right/normal (??) about the DC shooting. Other than calling the weapon a 'rifle', no further public identification has been made available. In a town where the president's private conversations make the paper before dinnertime, the lack of specificity about the shooter's weapon is telling. Normally we would have read/heard the caliber, the make & model, the magazine capacity, and typically where it was purchased within 24 hours. The guy is from Illinois, a state where you have to be registered to own a firearm (FOI Card - Firearm's Owner Identification Card), and to buy ammo. The purchase can be traced in hours, sometimes minutes. He's from a rural area outside of Bellville (next to Scott AFB) in St Clair County. The media has already searched his arrest record, and at least one of his arrests involved a firearm. Another involved domestic violence. Both arrests (even w/o convictions) qualify the recipient for immediate & complete revocation of FOI and mandatory surrender of all firearms. It appears that this was never done (another glaring example of existing firearms laws being ignored by law enforcement/judiciary). Anybody else think something is amiss?
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    You are right, you won't hear about it if he obtained it illegally
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