Ive been trying to tackle this issue for a while and cant seem to get anywhere. Im chasing my own tail here and have dumped too much money into it. My 96 xj sport 4.0 runs great...until it sits and idles (drive thru, traffic, etc). It idles fine for a while but when it gets hot in the engine bay the idle gets rougher as time goes on. I checked the codes and i have random misfires and a misfire on cylinder 2 (p0302). Its definitely due to heat in the engine bay. Earlier my lower hose decided to crack and leak and i got my temperature light but it idle fine. It rides like a champ without coolant so its definitely to do with heat gathering in he engine bay. I was recommended to heat sheilding the fuel line, but that did nothing. Please please please help! Im about to give up and sell this thing

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