a man was walking down the street in a small town, looking to be in a sad mode. He meets the local pastor who asks him why he is looking so sad? Well, he said-somebody has stolen my bicycle. The pastor said he felt sorry for him, and as they spoke he said: let's see if I can help you. You come to my services on Sunday- there I will read the 10 commandants- and as I read them you look around the church: and as I say the words" though shall not steal" you try to see if somebody is looking guilty, and then you will know who stole your bicycle. He thanks the Pastor for his kindness and does as they have agreed. The week after they meet on the street again- the guy now riding his bicycle and is looking happy, so the pastor says: I see it worked- I'm really glad I could help. Yes, thank you, the guy says. So you found the guilty one, the Father asks? Well, it did not go exactly as planned- you see: I sat and waited for you to read" though shall not steal"- but as you read about adultery, I suddenly remembered where I had parked my bike.