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    Default 1998 xj cherokee 4L Radiator Problems

    I'm trying to find the best for the money radiator. Spectra i was told is bad news. Does anyone has a idea as was what is good? HELP

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    Default Re: 1998 xj cherokee 4L Radiator Problems

    The one I've had the best luck with has been the factory replacement, but it's about 275.

    Many people don't use the factory replacement and seem to do just fine. I think the Summers in Houston just make it tough on the XJ cooling system.

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    Default Re: 1998 xj cherokee 4L Radiator Problems

    WE have five XJ's in the family. Both 01's have had to have their radiators replaced in the last two years. I went with the SPECTRA from Autozone for 112 for two reasons. They have a lifetime warranty and it would be easier dealing with a local store than someplace I bought from on-line. I have had no problems with the radiators on either of the jeeps.

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