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    About a week ago the fuel pump had went our In My 90 xj so I replaced it along with the fuel filter and it started right up, I drove it for like 4 days including a few hour drive to the coast. Like 2 days ago I parked it on an incline with a quarter tank and went and got back in it to drive and it wouldn't start and my tank tank was on e and wouldn't start, I had a friend bring me some fuel and it started but only at an idle. I can't give it gas until it's been idleing for at least a minute or it will bog out. Obviously fuel pump kicks on because it will start, but I don't know why I can't drive it. Any suggestions?

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    I would look at the fuel pressure when you start it, when it idles and when you rev it. If it goes down when you rev it, then since you replaced the filter it probably needs a new pump
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