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    Default Suggestions on Wheels and tire combo

    Hey all,
    I' looking to switch from the 16x8 Mohab's that came on the XJ to a 15x8 black wheel and 31-33" 10.5 A/T tires (I do about 80% on and 20% off road). I only have a 3" lift with trimmed fenders. Suggestions on offset and tire size would be appreciated. Also any ideas where to get the best deals would help too.

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    Default Re: Suggestions on Wheels and tire combo

    I'm sticking with my canyons since I'm only going 33x10.5. from what I've read with 10.5 you shouldn't need and backspacing. You will have to do some modding to the interior of the wheel well though. As for wheels Trail masters are cheap and have good reviews. As for tires that's like asking someone their favorite band. I'm going with Bfg Ko2's. I know many people that like them.

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