So i bought a Dirtbound bumper that was on display at a local jeep show a month ago, and they gave me a ridiculous deal on it, although they didnt have the frame tie in brackets at the show, since it was only intended for display.

So the guy from Dirtbound tells me he will send the brackets to the guys at Iron Rock, and i can grab them from them (I agreed since i see them often). Fast forward a month, my bumper is ready to go on, and i still didnt have my brackets due to me not being able to get down to Iron Rock. So i post on FB seeing if anyone local was going to be down there that could grab them for me. I got a message on Facebook from Dirtbound not 3 minutes later, asking for my address, and stating that one of the guys lives close to me, so he is going to drop the tie in brackets and all the hardware off at my house tonight!!

Now i can get the tie in brackets and the bumper polyurea coated tomorrow, and i can get it installed in time for the Open Wheeling event on Saturday

This is a level of customer service that i thought was lost in the current day. I cannot say enough good things about the guys at Dirtbound, and the level of service that they provide. Even though they practically gave me the bumper, they were still willing to help me out and go above and beyond to make it right. They have definitely gained a customer