well both vehicles woffed and insured
adjusted the handbrake checked the front pads and took photos and unfolded the seats and it passed
the ute was a clean wof but 2 items noted both acceptable by me, leaking shockie and stuffed antiroll bar bushes now on the to be done list will shout it new rear springs as they are original 1992 so don't owe anyone any thing
now as for the leaking bottom hose..... well it aintthe hose it's the radiator, leaks on both sides just below the top tank, once I have the funds will put another new one in but will go plastic not a cheap ali one.
the price of petrol is hovering around 2.25- 2.30 per litre must get a cheaper daily to run around in 100 a week is getting a bit steep then another 40-50 to go up to the house most weekends.

on a positive note the fishing season opens at the start of next month so went a bought a new rod,reel and line combo last weekend