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    Default Help lift kit size

    I have recently purchased my first xj a 98 with a rough country suspension kit on it it has the t\c lowered I think sorry newbie to suspension lifts and the kit seems to have been on their quite some time because the shock absorbers are beginning to rust and some other parts look like they may need replacing anyone have any idea how to measure the lift or can u tell by looking help greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: help lift kit size

    Gotcha on the other thread
    230 hp 4.3L Chevy
    Built 4L60E with manual lockout
    Atlas 4 speed
    Griffin radiator
    On board air
    Warn 9.5ti on custom bumper
    7.5" RE front and bastard pack rear on custom long arms
    30 gal gas tank
    And a bunch of other stuff

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