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Thread: Remote head CB?

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    Default Remote head CB?

    Not in the near future.

    I contacted Cobra, Midland, and Uniden asking why CB manufacturers hadn't stepped up to remote heads. Cobra and Midland replied stating they would send my questions to their engineering departments.

    Midland came back fairly quickly thereafter with the following response, "The short answer is that CB radio technology has become somewhat idle. The demand for CB radios has decreased steadily over the past few years so most companies are reluctant to develop new technology for CB radios. Hope that answered your question!" I expect a similar answer from Cobra and Uniden, if they even respond.

    With vehicles getting more and more cluttered it is getting more difficult to mount a radio in them. The Cobra 75 and Midland 75-822 all control in mic type radios are quite popular due to their compact size. I think the market would support remote head CBs, but they aren't willing to take that step.
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    Default Re: Remote head CB?

    It's not as great as it sounds. Truck stop hookers still charge for it.

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    Default Re: Remote head CB?

    On a similar note, I had to ask Freightliner how to remove the radio bracket in their new trucks. It's riveted in with hardened steel simply does not drill them out. Best way we've found so far is to cut them out which leaves a bunch of jagged edges. All because they won't keep up with technolog.

    Stryker has a nice HHCH radio but it is an export...

    GME has some very nice options...but they are made for the Australian CB bands. It's just the domestic manufacturers.

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