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    Default Re: Because its used in the garage....

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Foxtrot View Post
    Nice light. The great thing about using LEDs in a high bay is that they don't burn out for a long time, so you are not having to change the bulbs every six months or so. I hate going up 20 feet or more just to change out one or two bulbs. Rural King has a similar light w/fixture for 19. (Rural King, aka RK is a farm store chain in the midwest - they do sell online). For really bright high bay lights, HO T-5s w/ polished reflectors (6 bulb) can't be beat (about 200 ea). It's like turning on the sun. Only problem is the bulbs only last year or so, & then its up in the air you go.
    I had the HO 6 bulb units installed when I was acting Facility Manager at another employer, you are right that they throw a ton of light, and replaced a bunch of the high pressure high bay lights.

    Will check out Rural King, we have Tractor Supply here, but I use a lot of on-line sources to keep this chicken/goat/weed "small farm" running....between disasters...sorta.
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    Default Re: Because its used in the garage....

    RK just moved its corporate HQ to NC. Looks like they are coming your way.

    I find that they are a great resource. As an example they have house brand synthetic motor oil in 5 quart jugs for under 10, and BCI Grp 24M & 24F batteries on sale for 39 (60 mo warranty). I picked up batteries for all my Jeeps during sub zero weather for 49/ea (missed the sale).

    In 2005/06 I reworked the lighting in a rather large warehouse. Went from 400watt MH High Bay's to the T-5 HO instant strike/motion detector type lights. Paid for the job (ROI) in less than 6 months in power savings. Reduced the number of fixtures by 50%,doubled the effective light and dropped the power consumption through the floor.

    You may be able to get some economic relief from:
    for installing energy saving lighting, and some other alternative systems.
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