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    Default Transfer case issue

    Small leak, and clunking noise coming from the transfer case I believe? Are the transfer cases known to go bad?

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    Default Re: Transfer case issue

    They can. Where does it leak? It does sound though that you might need to take it apart and replace the chain and sprockets
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    Default Re: Transfer case issue

    Chain and sprockets are a wear and tear item, just like a motorbike.

    Have you greased the rear output/slipjoint/whatever ... they clunk when dry.

    Re the leak ... the 242 has a little plasticcy/rubber bung, in the casting facing the front output ... which may or may not be your issue.

    ... welllll ... it should have a little plasticcy/rubber bung ... ask me how I know .. ..

    Item 19 in this piccy ....

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