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    Default Front Seat Removal

    2 x 1/2" screw/bolt thingies at the front
    1 x 1/2" screw/bolt thingy, and an 11/16" nut, at the rear.

    13mm and 18mm tools - would work ... if nescessary ... a bit loose on the fasteners tho.

    I used AF deep sockets and a ratchet.

    Dont overtighten when refitting. ... you blokes could really learn a thing or two about how to make cars ... from the japanese .. ..

    Ohhhh ... and you need some sort of little pokey, proddy thing - for the seat, wiring connector.

    Just a little edit ... coz I got adventurous and had a look to see whether it was worth the time to repad the old seat ....

    #2 Phillips screwdriver for the seatbase trim,
    T45 torx for the seat belt and backrest pivot,
    1/2" tool of your choice, for seat base bolts and nuts.
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