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    Default 01 XJ oil pressure

    Can anyone tell me the proper oil Pressure when it warms up at idle mine use to be between 15-20 psi and now I've noticed it around 10 or a hair above is that too low? When its cold and just started its up around 40 and use to drop 15-20 when up to temp and driving at idle and then goes back up around 40 on acceleration and now Like i said I've noticed it a hair over 10psi at idle anyone know whats the normal range? Thanks.

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    Default Re: 01 XJ oil pressure

    Mine's a taste over 40 when it's cold or at speed and a hair over 20 when it's warm and/or ideling. But I'm not sure if that's accurate or not. I don't put too much stock in factory gauges
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    Default Re: 01 XJ oil pressure

    The minimum oil pressure should be not lower than 13psi at hot idle. Sounds like the bearing clearances of your engine have become excessive. You could try a thicker grade of oil as a bandaid.

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