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    Default Re: Engine noise please help!!

    Glad it worked out for ya!
    It's always a big relief when you find it's something simple like that.
    One time i thought my CPS had went out... turned out the rotor had grenaded inside my distributor.
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    Default Re: Engine noise please help!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rm2406 View Post
    Update.... fortunately it was embarrassingly simple... right before the battery died I changed the fan clutch. Apparently the bottom of the shroud split apart and with the heavy duty fan clutch it was sucking the shroud towards the blades making that noise.. the more I applied gas the more it brought the broken shroud in towards the blades the louder it got!..... thanks for the tech support guys!..
    That's great news. Those shrouds are pretty cheap online. I think I got a couple spares from TeamCherokee or RockAuto

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