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    Default Looking for good parts and advice.

    Trying to build a prerunner out of a 92 xj. Already lifted and tires. What mods and does anyone have spare parts. Time frame is 5 mont build has to be done by dec 1

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    Default Re: Looking for good parts and advice.

    I have something you might be interested in. I have the Tereflex high steer on the D30. I will be pulling it off to change over to some larger brakes. At your lift height and the type of running you want to do having a flatter angle on the drag link would be a good thing
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    And a bunch of other stuff

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    Default Re: Looking for good parts and advice.

    Since you're wanting to build a prerunner look into what's known as "Jeepspeed". Its the racing series for prerunner built Jeeps.

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