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Thread: Drop Pitman Arm

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    Default Drop Pitman Arm

    Had to put a factory one back on mine to work with the OTK steering so I don't need it. It's a 4" drop? Was on XJ with 6 1/2" lift. If you need pics let me know. Nothing wrong with it just don't need it floating around the garage for years. 65 shipped? Or make me an offer. Or trade something. Or if you're new and in dire need let me know and we'll work something out.

    Need D44 diff cover and not the crappy stamped steel one.
    Spare set of D30 shafts?
    D30 Lunchbox?

    I can throw in cash for the right deal.

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    Default Re: Drop Pitman Arm

    If anyone needs or wants this let me know. I'm really just sick of kicking it around the garage.

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