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    Default Ruffstuff specialties (irwin) reamer

    Just wanted to share this with you guys. I recently got the reamer to install 1 ton steering on my XJ. It arrived about a week ago and just now had the time to start working on it. So I figured I'd start with the passenger side tie rod end so that it well except the drag link end. Will im glad I did because the shaft on the reamer is not straight with the flutes and being as I've sit on this steering for about a year I started reaming it out in hopes that I could make it work. well it won't lol so I got on the phone with ruffstuff and no questions asked they are sending me out a new one and paying the return shipping for the bent one. To me that is great customer service!

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    Default Re: ruffstuff specialties (irwin) reamer

    My belief is problems happen, its how you fix it that matters. Of course if problems are really abundant, that matters too but makes my point long and confusing.

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