Sunday May 3
Meetup 9AM at the Cleghorn Rd Exit off of I15 here:!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

CB Channel 13

This trip will likely take the entire day. These trails are moderate in difficulty (IF you take the rough spots on Cleghorn) but with the right lines can be done (have been done) in a Wrangler w/ 31" tires (not sure about lift) or a Cherokee with 29" tires, no lift, and rear locker. Many of the difficult areas on Cleghorn have bypasses.

The second half of the day, 2N17X is slightly more difficult so anyone unsure can come along just for the first part, Cleghorn, then split-off at Highway 138 before we head over to 2N17X.

Already have 5 people confirmed going.