So as we all know and have experienced. You end up with this

So you think.. well pb blaster and or some heat and i can get those off.....

HaHa ya right u get pissed off and cut them off with the cut off wheel or maybe got lucky and they snapped off.. but none the less u are now stuck coz well this part is a Dealer part or Junkyard part.. which.. well do u really wanna go through what u just did again and take a chance on trying to remove a usable part?

I fixed mine and ill show ya how..

So i just cut the studs off mine.. next i just layed the metal adjuster on a block of wood and started beating on the studs on the inside of the part.. they are Tack welded in.. on a side note i did ruin a straight end screwdriver.. but whats 2 at this point lol.. so 10mins in i get this

went down to the hardware store bought some grade 8 bolts the same size as the studs that was there... NOTE!! get ones that the head is not bigger then the pieces u beat off with a hammer..

Laid down some Tack welds and boom.. good as new and it cost me less then 5 including the broken screw driver..

Comments welcome or need any help with this.. PM me or leave em' here..