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    Default Wanted: trailer hitch for '89 Cherokee

    Im looking for a beefy one that has supports which go on the frame rails. So I think that its a "Class III"?

    Just needs to be functional. Probably pretty heavy but I betcha it might fit in one of the various flat rate priority mail boxes, maybe the long "game board" one

    Im not sure what the wiring situation is. I think it should come with some kind of connector right? Or is that something else?

    Shipping to 92544

    I can pay with paypal or ?

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    Default Re: Wanted: trailer hitch for '89 Cherokee

    You could probably get one pretty cheap if you have a junkyard near you. The one I frequent charges 20 for one.

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    Default Re: Wanted: trailer hitch for '89 Cherokee

    For wiring, this should work :
    [ame=" icle=1989-42-347-334-----3363-242-8---14-4-0&sr=1-1&ymm=1989%3Ajeep%3Acherokee&keywords=towing+wirin g+kit"] Hopkins 46155 Taillight Converter Universal Kit: Automotive@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    I didn't see a simple "T-Connector " Kit, like there is for the newer XJ.

    New Class III hitches start at about 80 and go to over 120, depending on what you want.

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