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    Default 1/4" socket set adjustment

    Like all good dads, When My kids left home, I tried to furnish them emergency type stuff to carry with them in their vehicles. I included a cheap 1/4 socket set from Wally World. The other day I had to use the socket set and was not pleased with the ratchet. I checked my socket bin in the garage and found 4 3/4" ratchets that I had accumulated over the years(I own no 3/4 " sockets). I cut off about 4' of handle off one of them, added a 3/4 to 3/8 adapter, then a 3/8 to 1/4 adapter and lo and behold had a nice heavy duty 1/4 ratchet. I plan on doing this mod for the other kids when they make their next home visit. Maybe this idea will be of help to someone else.

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    Default Re: 1/4" socket set adjustment

    I love adapters! I have one of each and use them constantly. Also, if you want you can get a 3/4" - 1/4" adapter to shorten the combo and delete one.

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