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Thread: Safety razors

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyTXJ View Post
    Robert I switched to a similar setup a few years back. I love my Merkur. I've tried several different types of blades but have found the Feather blades to be the best. I use Taylor of Old Bond Street cream (Sandalwood). I used to have to shave every day with my electric now I can go 3 days because the shave is so much closer.
    Tim, I haven't tried the Feather blades yet. I have been using the Personna blades, and I like them. I think I may try a sampler pack of different blades though. And I haven't tried that shave cream either. I do have a tube of Proraso and I like that fine, it lathers up a lot easier than the Williams. I try to shave every other day, so a blade lasts me about a week. Huge savings over the disposables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneArmArrowSlinger View Post
    I may have to try these. I get bumps & ingrown hairs so bad that I quit shaving my face except to trim the lines of my beard, and I still get ingrown hairs & such. I've found if I shave in the hot shower w/ bar soap, shampoo or conditioner it works out much better for me than shaving cream, it makes me break out pretty bad. Will def have to look into these cuz I know that the old school soap & brush works for me as well.
    That's exactly why I went this way. My ingrown hairs and bumps have greatly diminished since I started shaving this way.

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