I had noticed when I went wheeling that in deep darkness with rain or snow or mud that I would lose a lot of visibility and have to get down to a crawl to make sure I didn't slam into a tree especially up here in the Sierras. So I went out and bought some Pilot Automotive Running/Fog Lights and installed those. They aren't a replacement for headlights of course but they are extremely helpful in spotting deer or other animals outside regular headlight range. They have a great spread of light that illuminates the outside edges of the trail MASSIVELY. It's like having headlights that aim to the side of your vehicle when they are in fact facing forwards. They still have a little bit of penetration in front of you but they mainly seem to be for side visibility. The visibility in front only seems to be as bright as the most basic Halogen headlights, maybe less. To counter this, I bought some H6054 Sylvania Sealed Halogen Xtravision headlights that are amazingly bright. So bright in fact, it almost seems like you have high beams on even when adjusted correctly. Not illegal because they are still stock beams and I can go one more set brighter if I wanted to. They are definitely worth the price for both sets of lights.

Prices at Autozone:

Sylvania Sealed Halogen Xtravision headlights - 15.99 each lamp

Pilot Automotive Running/Fog Lights - 26.99 for a set of two with all wiring and brackets/bolts included

SIDE NOTE: The switch for the fog lamps is really flimsy and I had to get a new one within 3 weeks because the spring broke and it would only stay in the on position. A replacement switch was only 3.49 before taxes.